Fedora Update Notification
2022-06-24 01:25:24.273329

Name        : ntfs-3g
Product     : Fedora 35
Version     : 2022.5.17
Release     : 1.fc35
URL         : https://www.tuxera.com/company/open-source/
Summary     : Linux NTFS userspace driver
Description :
NTFS-3G is a stable, open source, GPL licensed, POSIX, read/write NTFS
driver for Linux and many other operating systems. It provides safe
handling of the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows
Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 NTFS file systems. NTFS-3G can
create, remove, rename, move files, directories, hard links, and streams;
it can read and write normal and transparently compressed files, including
streams and sparse files; it can handle special files like symbolic links,
devices, and FIFOs, ACL, extended attributes; moreover it provides full
file access right and ownership support.

Update Information:

New upstream version 2022.5.17

* Wed Jun  8 2022 Richard W.M. Jones  - 2:2022.5.17-1
- New upstream version 2022.5.17
- Fixes: CVE-2021-46790, CVE-2022-30783, CVE-2022-30784, CVE-2022-30785,
  CVE-2022-30786, CVE-2022-30787, CVE-2022-30788, CVE-2022-30789
* Thu Jan 20 2022 Fedora Release Engineering  - 2:2021.8.22-5
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_36_Mass_Rebuild
* Wed Sep 15 2021 Neal Gompa  - 2:2021.8.22-4
- Restyle the spec for legibility
* Mon Sep 13 2021 Richard W.M. Jones  - 2:2021.8.22-3
- Remove unused ntfsprogs/boot.c replacement

  [ 1 ] Bug #2093306 - CVE-2022-30783 ntfs-3g: invalid return code in fuse_kern_mount enables intercepting of libfuse-lite protocol traffic [fedora-all]
  [ 2 ] Bug #2093316 - CVE-2022-30784 ntfs-3g: crafted NTFS image can cause heap exhaustion in ntfs_get_attribute_value [fedora-all]
  [ 3 ] Bug #2093321 - CVE-2022-30785 ntfs-3g: a file handle created in fuse_lib_opendir, and later used in fuse_lib_readdir, enables arbitrary memory read and write operations [fedora-all]
  [ 4 ] Bug #2093328 - CVE-2022-30786 ntfs-3g: crafted NTFS image can cause a heap-based buffer overflow in ntfs_names_full_collate [fedora-all]
  [ 5 ] Bug #2093334 - CVE-2022-30787 ntfs-3g: integer underflow in fuse_lib_readdir enables arbitrary memory read operations [fedora-all]
  [ 6 ] Bug #2093341 - CVE-2022-30788 ntfs-3g: crafted NTFS image can cause a heap-based buffer overflow in ntfs_mft_rec_alloc [fedora-all]
  [ 7 ] Bug #2093349 - CVE-2022-30789 ntfs-3g: crafted NTFS image can cause a heap-based buffer overflow in ntfs_check_log_client_array [fedora-all]
  [ 8 ] Bug #2093360 - CVE-2021-46790 ntfs-3g: heap-based buffer overflow in ntfsck [fedora-all]

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade --advisory FEDORA-2022-8fa7e5aeaf' at the command
line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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