Fedora Linux Distribution - Security Advisories - Results from #18 ...

Fedora 36: chromium 2022-b49c9bc07a


Update to chromium-105.0.5195.125. This package only has minor changes... ah, just kidding. Here is the pile of security issues it fixes: CVE-2022-2007 CVE-2022-2008 CVE-2022-2010 CVE-2022-2011 CVE-2022-2603 CVE-2022-2604 CVE-2022-2605 CVE-2022-2606 CVE-2022-2607 CVE-2022-2608 CVE-2022-2609 CVE-2022-2610 CVE-2022-2611 CVE-2022-2612 CVE-2022-2613 CVE-2022-2614

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