MGASA-2020-0007 - Updated freeradius packages fix security vulnerabilities

Publication date: 05 Jan 2020
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases: 7
CVE: CVE-2019-10143,

Updated freeradius packages fix security vulnerabilities:

It was discovered freeradius does not correctly configure logrotate,
allowing a local attacker who already has control of the radiusd user to
escalate his privileges to root, by tricking logrotate into writing a
radiusd-writable file to a directory normally inaccessible by the radiusd
 user (CVE-2019-10143).

An information leak was discovered in the implementation of EAP-pwd in
freeradius. An attacker could initiate several EAP-pwd handshakes to leak
information, which can then be used to recover the user's WiFi password by
performing dictionary and brute-force attacks (CVE-2019-13456).

Denial of service issues due to multithreaded BN_CTX access

-[email protected]/thread/TKODLHHUOVAYENTBP4D3N25ST3Q6LJBP/
-[email protected]/thread/USTITI4A3TVUX3SGO7TJCJ4WWFBZFWLZ/

- 7/core/freeradius-3.0.20-1.mga7