MGASA-2021-0038 - Updated python-lxml packages fix a security vulnerability

Publication date: 17 Jan 2021
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases: 7
CVE: CVE-2020-27783

A XSS vulnerability was discovered in python-lxml's clean module. The module's
parser didn't properly imitate browsers, which caused different behaviors
between the sanitizer and the user's page. A remote attacker could exploit
this flaw to run arbitrary HTML/JS code. (CVE-2020-27783).

-[email protected]/thread/JKG67GPGTV23KADT4D4GK4RMHSO4CIQL/
-[email protected]/thread/TMHVKRUT22LVWNL3TB7HPSDHJT74Q3JK/

- 7/core/python-lxml-4.3.0-1.2.mga7