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Mageia Linux Distribution

Mageia 2022-0319: connman security update


In ConnMan through 1.41, remote attackers able to send HTTP requests to the gweb component are able to exploit a heap-based buffer overflow in received_data to execute code. (CVE-2022-32292) In ConnMan through 1.41, a man-in-the-middle attack against a WISPR HTTP

Mageia 2022-0316: ytnef security update


In ytnef 1.9.3, the TNEFSubjectHandler function in lib/ytnef.c allows remote attackers to cause a denial-of-service (and potentially code execution) due to a double free which can be triggered via a crafted file. (CVE-2021-3403) In ytnef 1.9.3, the SwapWord function in lib/ytnef.c allows remote

Mageia 2022-0314: mariadb security update


zlib before 1.2.12 allows memory corruption when deflating (i.e., when compressing) if the input has many distant matches. (CVE-2018-25032) A use-after-poison in prepare_inplace_add_virtual at /storage/innobase/handler/ (CVE-2022-32081) An assertion failure at table->get_ref_count() == 0 in

Mageia 2022-0312: clamav security update


ClamAV 0.103.7 is a critical patch release with the following fixes: Upgrade the vendored UnRAR library to version 6.1.7. Fix logical signature "Intermediates" feature. Relax constraints on slightly malformed zip archives that contain overlapping file entries.

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