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Mageia Linux Distribution - Page 8

Mageia 2023-0053: nodejs-qs security update


nodejs qs before 6.10.3, as used in Express before 4.17.3 and other products, allows attackers to cause a Node process hang for an Express application because an __ proto__ key can be used. In many typical Express use cases, an unauthenticated remote attacker can place the attack payload in the query string of the URL that is used to visit the application, such

Mageia 2023-0052: upx security update


Denial of service due to heap-based buffer overflow issue in UPX in PackTmt::pack() in p_tmt.cpp file. (CVE-2023-23456) Denial of service due to segmentation fault in UPX in PackLinuxElf64::invert_pt_dynamic() in p_lx_elf.cpp. (CVE-2023-23457)

Mageia 2023-0050: tpm2-tss security update


Tss2_RC_SetHandler and Tss2_RC_Decode both index into layer_handler with an 8 bit layer number, but the array only has TPM2_ERROR_TSS2_RC_LAYER_COUNT entries, so trying to add a handler for higher-numbered layers or decode a response code with such a layer number reads/writes past the end of the buffer. (CVE-2023-22745)

Mageia 2023-0048: editorconfig-core-c security update


Mark Esler and David Fernandez Gonzalez discovered that EditorConfig Core C incorrectly handled memory when handling certain inputs. An attacker could possibly use this issue to cause applications using EditorConfig Core C to crash, resulting in a denial of service, or possibly execute arbitrary code. (CVE-2023-0341)

Mageia 2023-0046: libzen security update


A vulnerability classified as problematic has been found in MediaArea ZenLib up to 0.4.38. This affects the function Ztring::Date_From_Seconds_1970_Local of the file Source/ZenLib/Ztring.cpp. The manipulation of the argument Value leads to unchecked return value to null pointer dereference. (CVE-2020-36646)

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