Guardian Digital is pleased to announce the release of EnGarde Community v3.0. This release represents the most significant number of improvements since the first version released more than four years ago.

If you haven't tried EnGarde recently, then I'm certain you'll be equally as excited about this release as we are. Completely redesigned web interface, firewall functionality, integrated Security-Enhanced Linux protection, and completely free updates are just a few of the outstanding new benefits.

With EnGarde, you can build a complete and secure Internet presence featuring all standard Internet functions (web, DNS, email, etc) within minutes using one of the available Wizards.Interested in taking it for a spin? Download the ISO and use the "LiveCD" mode to test it alongside your current operating system to compare.

No other Linux platform provides the security and ease-of-management available with EnGarde. Engineered from the ground up with security as a primary focus, EnGarde is protected from unauthorized access using multiple open source techniques.

Here's a shortlist of features:

  • Linux 2.6 kernel featuring SELinux Mandatory Access Control
  • Guardian Digital Secure Network features free access to all system and security updates
  • Support for new hardware, including 64-bit AMD architecture
  • Web-based management of all functions, including the ability to build a complete web presence with FTP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP and more
  • Apache v2.0, BIND v9.3, MySQL v5.0(beta)
  • Completely new WebTool, featuring easier navigation and greater ability to manage the complete system
  • Integrated firewall with ability to manage individual firewall rules, control port forwarding, and creation of IP blacklists
  • Built-in UPS configuration provides ability to manage an entire network of battery-backup devices
  • RSS feed provides ability to display current news and immediate access to system and security updates
  • Real-time access to system and service log information

For information on downloading EnGarde, please visit the community site:

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