Cyber threats are more sophisticated and dangerous than ever before! Are you securing your email accounts with a solution that is capable of preventing these advanced attacks?

As technology continues to become more advanced and prevalent in society, cyber attacks of every variety are a greater risk to both organizations and individuals. Cyber crime is becoming an increasingly large global business that threatens everyone. Business cyber crime increased by 63% in 2017 (Office for National Statistics). As defenses improve, cyber threats are evolving to become more sophisticated and harder to detect and stop. For instance, phishing attacks have become highly targeted and often utilize advanced social engineering technologies to appear legitimate. Targeted spear phishing emails and BEC scams can have devastating consequences for businesses. Moreover, zero-day attacks are becoming increasingly common. Because email is an extremely popular vector for various types of cyber attacks, it is crucial that businesses and individuals educate themselves on how to best protect their email accounts from attackers, and that they invest in technology that will most effectively prevent successful attacks.

Phishing attacks have become both more common and more serious than they were in the past. Phishing is the top attack vector for cyber criminals and an average of 135 million phishing attacks are attempted each day (ZDNet). Phishing attacks can have dangerous consequences. Recently, a phishing scam compromised personal health information of 1.4 million UnityPoint Health patients (Health IT Security). Preventing highly targeted and sophisticated phishing attacks requires an email security solution that exceeds the protection that standard email filters and regular spam and virus solutions provide. Guardian Digital recognizes this and has designed an advanced gateway that authenticates every email delivered using DMARC, DKIM and SPF. In addition, state-of-the-art heuristic technologies recognize malicious code and accurately identify and block highly targeted spear phishing attempts. Guardian Digital’s unrivaled secure email gateway significantly reduces the risk that a dangerous phishing attack poses to your business or personal email account.

Similar to phishing, business email compromise (often referred to as BEC) is a prevalent email-related threat that can have devastating consequences for organizations of all sizes. BEC encompasses various types of scams including CEO fraud, data theft, account compromise, attorney impersonation and the Bogus Invoice Scheme. Business email compromise continues to become both more common and costly and has generated losses of $5.3 billion worldwide (InfoSec Institute). Guardian Digital’s advanced threat protection prevents all types of BEC scams using deep scanning to identify these low-volume, highly targeted attacks that are often missed by conventional security solutions.

Malware is another cyber threat that everyone should be concerned about. It is usually delivered via a phishing email, and is designed to either gain access or cause damage to a computer or network without the victim detecting it. New malware with evolving capabilities is emerging constantly. Data indicates that in 2017 a new malware specimen emerged every 4.2 seconds on average (G DATA Security Blog). Accurately detecting and blocking malware requires advanced technologies that go beyond what many companies offer. Guardian Digital prevents harmful malware from reaching the inbox using real-time scanning of broad file types and Big Data techniques. Machine learning analyzes email content in real-time for suspicious behavior. With Guardian Digital’s secure email gateway, no obscure malware variant will be able to harm you or your business.

Companies and individuals are more likely than ever before to be impacted by a serious cyber attack. Threats of various types are evolving to become more sophisticated and complex and more difficult detect and prevent. Are you protecting your email accounts with the most effective email security solution on the market? Guardian Digital has exceptional customer support and would love to discuss a customized threat protection plan with you. Prioritize the security of your email now before it’s too late!