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LinuxSecurity.com, the open-source community’s go-to source for security news and information, has revealed a completely new site design and a renewed focus on providing timely, authoritative industry content. LinuxSecurity.com is a valuable resource for the open-source community, informing Linux users of the latest cyber security-related news, trends and advisories.

The new comprehensive website design is packed with informative guides and articles to help system administrators, security analysts and developers get answers to their top Linux and open source security questions.

LinuxSecurity.com is a resource for information and discussion pertaining to security matters that affect Linux users. The site provides content related to topics including hacking, open-source security products/projects, cryptography, blockchain, AI, machine learning and much more. The LinuxSecurity.com audience is fairly diverse and includes Linux users, system administrators, ethical hackers, developers and programmers who share a passion for Linux and Open Source and an awareness of the importance of security.

The new LinuxSecurity.com boasts a completely redesigned interface, with a renewed focus by providing commentary, insight and analysis on every article from Linux security experts from around the globe. The purpose is to deliver to the community even more relevant information and background on the most important news in the industry.

Some updated and redesigned features of the new website include:

  • HOWTOs, Feature Articles and industry news
  • Original feeds for RSS readers
  • Industry polls to highlight trends and current events
  • Newsletters to receive the latest industry analysis
  • Book reviews & interviews with leading experts
  • New comment system and community forums

The most recent LinuxSecurity feature article is an open letter to the Linux community (hyperlink once article is posted), welcoming new visitors and core readers alike to the new website.

Since 1996, Linuxsecurity.com has been the most comprehensive resource for all things in the world of security and Open Source. And as Open Source continues its rise in securing the world's information, LinuxSecurity.com is continuing its pursuit of being at the forefront of this exciting growth.     Be sure to check out the Community Announcement!

“LinuxSecurity.com was started in an effort to chronicle the open-source revolution and to bring the complicated and fast-paced nature of open-source and security to the community in a way that was easy to follow,” writes Dave Wreski, open-source security pioneer and founder of the site. “We have watched the site go from something started by a few geeks decades ago to a valuable resource viewed by millions.” 

Paul D. Robertson, Cybersecurity Expert and moderator of Security-Wizards on Facebook agrees:  "From threat intelligence to how-to information, Linuxsecurity.com continues to be a paragon of great information for developers, security professionals and regular users. Two decades of outstanding content are a phenomenal achievement!"

Creating an account on LinuxSecurity.com is easy, and provides access to new features within the site. Register using a social media account or on the site itself. Newsletters are available that cover topics including current security advisories and a digest of the latest news for the week. A new feedback system makes it easier to reach the site administrators, contribute an article, or address general concerns.

LinuxSecurity.com is powered by Guardian Digital, Inc., the open-source email security company as a way to give back to the community. Guardian Digital builds business email solutions with an intense focus on security- with  unrivalled customer support, designed to ease information technology overhead for its customers. 

Through LinuxSecurity.com, Guardian Digital aims to help educate and inform as many members of the open-source community as possible about the merits of Open Source.

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