Since 1996, has served as the open-source community’s go-to resource for Linux news & Linux-related information, updates and engagement with community members who share a passion for Linux and security.

After months of development, the site now offers more of the content you love including the latest Linux security news, HOWTOs, advisories and feature articles, along with an assortment of new features and capabilities such as:

  • More intuitive site navigation and an improved look and feel
  • Enhanced User Dashboard offering the ability to create a Profile where you can contribute content, customize the distribution security advisories and RSS feeds you track, Bookmark site content for easy future access and view article comments you have given and received 
  • An updated weekly Linux Advisory Watch newsletter offering commentary from our Linux security experts on the week’s most significant advisories, presented in a more readable format
  • The ability to engage with other members of the LinuxSecurity community by commenting on both feature articles and articles contributed by other community members, as well as through participation in frequent community polls
  • Browser notifications that ensure you don’t miss our latest newsletters and feature articles

We’re already receiving great feedback from members of the community on our website and the content we provide, and are eager to hear your thoughts on the features and improvements that the new site offers. 

AlmaLinux Community Manager and loyal LinuxSecurity user Jack Aboutboul raves about LinuxSecurity, “LinuxSecurity is an invaluable resource for developers and Linux admins. Not only does it provide critical security advisories, alerts and news, their content is also well written, thoughtful, useful and enjoyable!” 

Dancho Danchev, a renowned security researcher and passionate LinuxSecurity user, remarks, “Over the past two decades, the quality content that LinuxSecurity provides has earned the site great notoriety among the Linux community. LinuxSecurity has been and continues to be a great resource for my Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) research, and I highly recommend that all Linux security enthusiasts take advantage of this valuable resource!”

LinuxSecurity Founder Dave Wreski reflects on his mission in starting LinuxSecurity and comments on what the future holds for the site, “Twenty-five years ago, I founded LinuxSecurity as a way to contribute to the Linux community and as an opportunity to advocate Open Source. The site uniquely serves the needs of a diverse audience that encompasses IT professionals, developers and users seeking to learn more about hacking, programming and Open Source, and does an excellent job of making all community members feel welcome regardless of their knowledge base or level of experience. With the release of the new site, I hope to reach more Linux users and provide them with even more value and an enhanced user experience.” Wreski elaborates, “I encourage all users to explore the new website, create an account and subscribe to our newsletters. If you like what you see, I urge you to share the new site with a friend - it genuinely helps us reach more like-minded people and grow our community!”