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The LinuxSecurity Administrative Team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the new and improved version of LinuxSecurity.com.

The open-source community is constantly growing and evolving, and security matters and concerns pertaining to Linux users are anything but stagnant. As passionate members of the Linux community and maintainers of LinuxSecurity.com, we feel it is extremely important that this central security resource for open-source community members stays up-to-date and continues to provide Linux users with relevant content and the best possible overall experience each time they visit. To ensure this, we have chosen to launch a new and improved version of LinuxSecurity.com. LinuxSecurity.com has been trusted by Linux users since 1999 to provide the latest open-source security-related news, distribution advisories, HOWTOs and other information pertaining to the community. The new LinuxSecurity.com will include an improved version of all of these features, along with other new features such as forums, polls and book reviews. With a more contemporary design, the new site will be much easier to navigate and will contain updated graphics which should improve visitors’ visual experience on the site.

At the moment, we are in the process of migrating content from the current site to the new site. As a result, both the current and the new LinuxSecurity.com are temporarily unavailable. The new site is expected to launch on February 4, 2019. Mark your calendars and stay up-to-date by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages frequently for more information and announcements regarding the launch. We are excited to share this amazing new resource with you!

Sincerely, The LinuxSecurity.com Administrative Team

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