In a time where budgets are constrained and Internet threats are on the rise, it is important for organizations to invest in network security applications that will not only provide them with powerful functionality but also a rapid return on investment.

In most organizations IT success is generally calculated through effectiveness, resource usage and, most importantly, how quickly the investment can be returned. To correctly quantify the ROI of information technology, organizations usually measure cost savings and increased profits since the initial implementation. Additionally, ROI can also be affected based on the overall impact the investment has on employee productivity and overall work environment of the company.

With regards to security IT purchases, however, it is much more difficult to calculate an accurate ROI. When it comes to securing a corporate network, it is nearly impossible to assign a dollar amount to the level of security necessary to keep organizations safe from increasing Internet threats. Making incorrect decisions in this area could lead to an exhaustion of resources or an oversight in specific areas needing protection, potentially resulting in debilitating and costly security breaches.

To avoid such situations, it is essential that all organizations invest in a solid infrastructure with flexibility and room for future expansion. In addition, leveraging open source solutions consistently deliver greater ROI, substantially increase security protection, and deliver better flexibility. Such an investment will fundamentally change how information is managed and present results in a more quantifiable metric when presenting to them management.

-Dave Wreski, CEO Guardian Digital, Inc