In this paper, we describe the integration of fingerprint template and RF smart card for clustered network, which is designed on Linux platform and Open source technology to obtain biometrics security. Combination of smart card and biometrics has achieved in two step authentication where smart card authentication is based on a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the card holder is authenticated using the biometrics template stored in the smart card that is based on the fingerprint verification. The fingerprint verification has to be executed on central host server for security purposes. Protocol designed allows controlling entire parameters of smart security controller like PIN options, Reader delay, real-time clock, alarm option and cardholder access conditions.

The RF Smart Card and card reader/writer were developed to handle payment transaction for public transportation systems. These contact less cards have security features, such as encrypted RF transmission mutual authentication, and security keys. The RF smart card has up to 16 separate sectors, which can be configured as purses or for general data storage. The first sector is typically used as a directory for the rest of the card, leaving 15 segments available for data or purses.

Each sector has two keys, called the A and B keys, allowing different access privileges to that sector. These key pairs can be designated as read and read/write, or decrement and increment/decrement .For example this would allow turnstile readers with the A key to only deduct value from a card sector, while smart card readers with the B keys could either add or subtract value .The card also has a 32-bit unique random number, which is permanently encoded into each chip by the chip manufacturer. Public key infrastructure (PKI) based systems are used to construct a secure system that can achieve secure access conditions. They are consequently being used to carry keys and store personal information in applications such student identification systems.

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About the Author: Suhas A Desai

  • Undergraduate Computer Engineering Student,Walchand CE,Sangli,INDIA.

  • Previous Publications in area "Linux Based Biometrics Security with Smart Card" are include:ISA EXPO 2004,InTech Journal,TX,USA,IEEE Real Time and Embedded System symposium 2005,CA,USA.,e-Smart 2005,France.

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