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Security Spotlight: Experience Enhanced Privacy & Security with Predator-OS


Predator-OS is a free and open-source secure Linux distro that is ideal for penetration testing, ethical hacking and digital forensics, but is also a great option for any user looking to improve his or her privacy and anonymity online with a security-centric, hardened OS.

Recently established in 2021, Predator-OS is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Mini, and uses the 5.10 LTS kernel. The distro features a fully customized xfce4 lightweight desktop and around 1300 pre-installed tools, including built-in firewalls and defensive tools that provide end-users with granular control over the OS. These tools are imported from both Debian and Ubuntu repositories. Most kernel and user configs are customized by default to reduce the attack surface and prevent hacking and non-privileged access. Predator-OS has nine different modes for quick and easy access to all tools, and can be switched to pentesting mode or a defensive, offensive, privacy, hardened, or secured setting at any time. Predator-OS can be run as a Live-CD or from a USB Drive.

Key features of Predator-OS include:

  • Easy installation and extensive hardware support
  • Lightweight distro with a user-friendly interface
  • Includes all features and tools offered by popular secure Linux distros - and more!
  • Provides the ability to run Windows tools on Linux
  • Offers the option of either booting live and or installing

You can view a full list of the distro’s features here.

Click here to download Predator-OS on your system.

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