Xl 2021 Linux Security 1 Esm W900

Learn how to easily and securely encrypt files on Linux in this tutorial.

As longtime readers know, while I try to stay knowledgeable on the many sub-disciplines of information technology, my passion is for information security. Since it's been a while since I've contributed any InfoSec knowhow, I wanted to rectify that. I couldn't have timed this realization better, because (as you'll see) the techniques on display are perfect for protecting your deluge of tax season documents.

In this piece, I aim to provide a range of simple but effective options for encrypting a small number of files. In particular, these options are salient for use cases like tax filing, where users are sending sensitive documents to recipients with an unknown degree of technical proficiency. Fond as I am of PGP, I'll bet you your refund check that your accountant doesn't know the first thing about using it.