This is a recently found HOWTO, and is an amazing and comprehensive resource for getting many different Linux systems secure.

This Linux Security HOWTO is intended for a technical audience, Linux system administrators, and security people in corporations and organizations that have to use commercial Linux distributions for their production environment.

Check out the index for a complete listing of what this HOWTos Cover.

The description also states it is "A Practical Guide to Basic Linux Security in Production Enterprise Environments"

Written by Werner Puschitz

Part of the Index:
* Securing Sendmail
* Securing NFS
* Copying Files Using SSH Without Providing Login Prompts
* Kernel Tunable Security Parameters
* Checking File Permissions and Ownership
* Checking Accounts
* Enabling Password Aging
* Enforcing Stronger Passwords
* Restricting Use of Previous Passwords

And much, MUCH more...