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Reduce the chances of hackers gaining access to your Linux servers by installing and configuring Fail2ban.

SSH and FTP are two of the most exploited network protocols. Hackers utilize complex automated tools to guess your username and password and then break into your system.

With good security practices in place, you can mitigate most of the security risks. And with Fail2ban, you can further reduce the risk of security breaches by being proactive in securing your Linux servers or PCs.

Fail2ban is a powerful open-source security software that dynamically protects your servers or PCs from suspicious activities and brute-force attacks. It continuously scans your log files for login attempts, and in case of any, it blocks the source IP address by updating your firewall rules.

Fail2ban works with most remote connection services such as SSH, FTP, SMTP, and HTTP.

Fail2ban is easy to configure and customize. You can specify for how long you want to block the IP addresses or configure it to receive automated alerts when there is suspicious activity.

To emphasize, Fail2ban alone is not enough to protect you from security breaches. You should also have other security measures in place to reduce the risk of being hacked. For example, you should always use strong passwords on your systems and restrict access as much as you can.