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SELinux is a robust and customizable security system that is shipped by default on many Linux operating systems, such as Fedora and RHEL. If you would like to add extra security to your Ubuntu server, follow along as we show you how to secure your Ubuntu Linux server with SELinux.

Ubuntu uses AppArmor by default. It’s a great system that does roughly what SELinux claims to do. However, if you wish to use SELinux instead, you’ll need to disable AppArmor. To disable AppArmor on Ubuntu Server, do the following.

First, SSH into your Ubuntu server system (or physically sit at it and use the terminal). Once you’ve logged into the terminal, use the systemctl disable command to disable AppArmor from your Ubuntu system.

After running this command, you can use the systemctl status command to check whether AppArmor is indeed disabled. If it isn’t, try rebooting and running the systemctl disable command again.