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Whether you are a Sysadmin, Developer, DevOps, Security, or Ops … effectively using Linux and its tooling is the most fundamental skill you can learn. Linux is the backbone of the majority of servers and applications around the world.


In the past few months, I’ve read many articles along the lines of ’20 Linux Commands you must know’ or ‘Linux survival guide’. The problem I’ve found with nearly every single of these is that they are targetted at beginners, teaching the use of ls or echo . I believe most of my audience is familiar with at least the basic commands that the Linux Command line offers. This article will not be that.

I will document and present my cheatsheet of commands that I use daily in my job. This curated list goes beyond that of a complete beginner and instead focuses on commands that will help you push further, be more efficient and manage a Linux System and its vital tooling.