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Are you a Windows user looking to smoothly transition to Linux for its various benefits, including security, stability, and the vibrant community surrounding the much-loved open-source OS? If so, you shouldn't overlook Ubuntu Cinnamon. The distro offers a secure, reliable, and customizable interface that facilitates a seamless transition from Windows.

Let's examine our top reasons for switching to Ubuntu Cinnamon. If you're ready to try it, we'll direct you to a tutorial where you can learn how to make the switch and install software.

Why Should I Switch From Windows to Ubuntu Cinnamon?

Ubuntu CinnamonThere are countless reasons to switch from Windows to a Linux distro like Ubuntu Cinnamon. Our main reasons for making the switch include:

  • Familiarity: Ubuntu Cinnamon provides a desktop experience similar to Windows, making the transition to the Linux OS easier for those familiar with PCs.
  • User-friendly Interface: Cinnamon's desktop environment is known for its user-friendly and customizable interface, which enables a personalized desktop experience with simple adjustments such as changing the look, rearranging panels, and resizing icons.
  • Stability and Security: Ubuntu Cinnamon builds upon Ubuntu to offer a stable design with timely security updates and driver enhancements, providing familiarity even after an extended period. The interface remains consistent without drastic changes over time.
  • Easy to Switch: Switching to Ubuntu Cinnamon is relatively effortless thanks to the availability of an ISO file download, the option to test without installing, and access to free and open-source software through GNOME Software app store.
  • Customizability and Additional Features: Ubuntu Cinnamon offers many customizable elements such as "Cinnamon Spices," window snapping for multitasking purposes, and includes widely used software and native Linux games.
  • Integration With Ubuntu Ecosystem:  Ubuntu Cinnamon is part of the Ubuntu family, seamlessly integrating with all its software packages.

Next Steps: How Can I Switch to Ubuntu Cinnamon & Install Software?

As previously mentioned, switching from Windows to Ubuntu Cinnamon should be easy and seamless. If you're ready to try Ubuntu Cinnamon, explore the tutorial below to learn the step-by-step process for switching to Cinnamon and installing software. You'll also learn how Cinnamon differs from Linux Mint, a popular LInux desktop distro supported by a notably passionate and vibrant community.

Good luck with the switch to Linux- it's a decision you surely won't regret! We'd love to hear what you think of Ubuntu Cinnamon. Reach out to us on Twitter @lnxsec and let's discuss!