9.EmailServers Atsign

Mail-in-a-Box is a small, yet effective program that aims to create an easy to deploy, all-in-one email server solution in your machine. This tutorial shows you how you can install Mail-In-A-Box on Ubuntu Linux.

One of the biggest advantages of hosting your own email server is that it gives you privacy over your own data. Unlike a webmail service such as Gmail, running Mail-in-a-Box guarantees that there is no middle man between you and your emails.

A self-hosted server also gives you the flexibility with how you want to interact with your email. For example, Gmail uses tags instead of folders for organizing messages. This often breaks offline clients that try and fetch email from Gmail accounts.

Lastly, hosting your own server lets you bypass identity checks when creating an email account. This is useful if you are privacy conscious and you do not want to share your information with third-party providers.