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Looking for free-to-use tools to enumerate hidden directories and files on a web server? Here are the best Linux tools for directory bursting.

In the reconnaissance stage of every web application pentest, it is essential to find possible directories on the application. These directories might hold significant information and findings that would help you greatly to find vulnerabilities in the application and improve its security.

Luckily, there are tools on the internet that make directory brute-forcing easier, automated, and faster. Here are five directory-bursting tools on Linux to enumerate hidden directories on a web application.

Directory bursting, also known as "directory brute forcing", is a technique used in ethical hacking to discover hidden directories and files on a web server or application. It involves systematically attempting to access different directories by guessing their names or enumerating through a list of common directories and file names.

The process of directory bursting typically involves using automated tools or scripts that send HTTP requests to a web server, trying different directories and file names to find resources that are not explicitly linked or advertised on the website's navigation or sitemap.