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Looking to change your old password on Ubuntu? It's easy to do so through the terminal. Let's examine how this can be done in a straightforward tutorial.

Ubuntu Linux isn't the most popular desktop operating system, but there are many valid reasons why a large crowd of people prefers it over macOS or Windows. It's free and open source and offers plenty of distributions with different features and interfaces. However, there's a learning curve when switching over from a Mac or Windows PC. Even trivial things, such as changing your password, can get complicated.

But don't worry, it's much easier than it sounds! Like most things on Linux, you can use a few quick terminal commands to get the job done. You can even use it to recover your forgotten password, even if you can't log into the OS.

Let's look at how you can change your old password on Ubuntu via the terminal. Check out the article linked below for a step-by-step tutorial!