24.Key Code

GPG is software that is generally seen as difficult to use because it was used by typically tech-savvy people in the past. However, in recent years, especially when privacy concerns are on the rise, GPG has become an easy-to-use piece of software for computer users of all levels. It's even easier now to create your own GPG key.

GPG is a free cryptographic tool. With GPG, you can perform operations such as encryption, signing, authentication, and creating a web of trust using asymmetric and symmetric tools. Today, GPG is available in many different places, from securing GNU/Linux package distributions to email encryption.

GPG started its software life as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), written by Phil Zimmermann. PGP probably has one of the most inspiring stories in free software and freedom of knowledge.

The first version of PGP entered the world in 1991 when it was installed on Usenets, the widespread internet communication platform of the time. Various legal rules back then prohibited the import of software that worked with keys over 40 bits wide, so PGP was distributed by Zimmermann and some of his friends via payphones and acoustic replicators.