The modern user is a privacy conscious one. We want to know what data is being collected and how it’s being used. For Linux users, we embody this mindset ten-fold. Portmaster gives you more control over your data.

Portmaster is an open-source application firewall. It allows you to analyze and control the network activity of individual applications. You can also see which IP addresses data is traveling to and from, allowing you to detect any services that are siphoning your data. The paid tier, Portmaster unlimited, gives you access to a VPN alternative: an SPN (Safing private network). 

A traditional, packet-filtering firewall is port-based. When you enter the port, the firewall will prevent all Internet traffic from flowing through it. An application-level firewall, like Portmaster, protects you from both ends. It provides you with a level of user anonymity and finer controls. Although there are more complex solutions that provide next-level security, these are often not consumer grade and are more data center oriented.