24.Key Code

You probably have documents you'd like to keep out of prying eyes. These may include contracts, wills, bank account details, or deeds that contain personal information about you or your family.

Encryption is one of the most effective ways to lock away documents. Not all operating systems make it easy to do this. If you choose a Linux distro that uses the KDE Plasma desktop, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Thanks to KDE vaults, encrypted folders can be created with ease.

KDE Vaults offers an intuitive GUI that allows you to create encrypted vaults for your sensitive documents. You can create an encrypted vault with just a few mouse clicks. This will enable you to store all your sensitive documents, such as images and other files, that should not be accessible to anyone.

Learn how to create your first vault with KDE Neon, which features the latest desktop release of KDE Plasma 6.