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In comparison to other operating systems, Linux appears to be a more privacy-friendly option out of the box. However, you still need a VPN if you wish to prevent tracking and safeguard your privacy. That's why we'll show you how to set up a VPN on Linux in several ways.


There are many ways to install a Linux VPN, but it all comes down to 3 methods. You can use a VPN app (a command-line-based app in most cases) supplied by your VPN service, stick to Ubuntu’s Network Manager, or rely on Linux's Terminal to set up an OpenVPN connection.

If you wish to automate your VPN protection, we recommend using a native app, the easiest way to go. Ubuntu's Network Manager also does a great job of simplifying the process of installing a VPN on Linux. Lastly, the method involving the Terminal is best-suited for more advanced users.