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This time last year, the Australian Labor Party waved through the government's encryption Bills, formally known as the Assistance and Access Bill, and threw out the line that it was to keep the nation safe. The Labor Party now says it will fix encryption laws it voted for last year, but legislation is unlikely to pass the House of Representatives. What are your thoughts on this proposed legislation and the implications it would have for citizens' privacy? Learn more:

"Let's just make Australians safer over Christmas," then Labor leader Bill Shorten said at the time.

"It's all about putting people first."

Fast forward to December 2019, and after losing a May election, the opposition has decided it wants to introduce legislation to "fix" the encryption laws.

As long as the government majority holds, and there are no signs it would not, then the legislation will die on the House of Representatives floor.

The link for this article located at ZDNet is no longer available.