If things go as planned, the TPM2 device found within Microsoft's Pluton security processor on the latest AMD Ryzen SoCs will be supported by Linux 6.3. The Microsoft Pluton security processor has been of concern to many Linux/open-source enthusiasts due to being a "black box" and plenty of unknowns around the provided root of trust, secure identity, secure attestation, and cryptographic services marketed by Pluton.

Pluton has been found with AMD Ryzen SoCs since the 6000 mobile series but isn't found within the EPYC server processors. 

Software security expert Matthew Garrett has been dabbling with Pluton since its debut and most recently has been working on getting its TPM2 device exposed under Linux. The TPM 2.0 Command Response Buffer (CRB) is a standardized interface from the OS kernel to communicate with the Trusted Platform Module that works regardless of architecture/TPM. But with Microsoft's Pluton, some changes to the Linux "tpm_crb" kernel driver are needed to get things working.

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