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KDE Frameworks 5.89 has been released with may bug fixes and improvements to the Plasma Wayland Session. 

KDE Frameworks 5.89 is here to further improve the Plasma Wayland session by making the Morphing Popups effect work correctly so that panel tooltips have a smooth animation when they appear and disappear, fixing Plasma OSD (On-Screen Display) to respect KWin’s maximized window placement policy, and improves support for QtWidgets apps like Dolphin, Gwenview, or Okular so that the menu won’t appear as a standalone window when clicking on the hamburger menu button while their windows are unfocused.

This release also improves the Battery & Brightness applet to display the battery status for more devices, especially some Bluetooth devices, improves the title rows of QtQuick-based pages in the System Settings and Info Center apps, and improves the KCommandBar to no longer display an empty space on the right side and to show a placeholder message when searching for things returns no results.

The link for this article located at 9 to 5 Linux is no longer available.