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EuroLinux Desktop is a modern operating system that combines the look and functionality of both Windows and macOS with the reliability and security of server-based Linux distributions. Based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, the software includes a number of changes to the user interface, introduced by the company EuroLinux.

The system is designed for use in the office environment, public institutions, commercial enterprises, educational institutions and by private users. Supplied with a minimum of 10 years of manufacturer’s technical support. The new version – 9.1 – has just been released. Let’s see what it brings.

EuroLinux Desktop is a solution designed for individuals and organizations that use Windows or macOS on a daily basis and are looking for a stable system with multi-year support, similar to Microsoft and Apple solutions.

The system responds to the needs of public administration, the financial sector, educational institutions and private users. EuroLinux Desktop is based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, a system commonly used in the most demanding environments (banks, stock exchanges, industry). However, it includes additional functionality, extensions and facilities.