Shorewall lead developer quits

    Date24 May 2005
    Posted ByBrittany Day
    It is with regret that I announce that Shorewall development and support is officially ended.

    Unlike the originators of other successful open source projects, I have not been able to attract a core of people who believe in Shorewall and who are willing to make sacrifices to ensure it's success. That is my weakness and I accept it. But is means that I have been left with trying to develop, document, and support Shorewall almost single-handedly. I cannot do it any more.

    I will leave the Shorewall website and server in place until July 4 in case there is any community interest in picking up the pieces. Please email me privately if you are interested in carrying on; I'll do what I can to help.

    Tonight I am deleting myself from all of the Shorewall and Leaf mailing lists.

    I will clean up what I have for a 2.3 release and place it on the server as the last Shorewall release -- Shorewall 2.4.0.

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