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The government's warning to the health sector to watch for open-source threats has long been on the radar of the IT industry. Open-source software, which is free to use, can be a great tool for organizations that need to scale quickly or don't have the budget for proprietary software. However, using it has inherent risks, and no one knows that better than the government.

The government says that open-source security vulnerabilities can allow hackers access to systems and networks and cause damage that could cost millions of dollars in damages and lost data or productivity. They also say that hackers could use these vulnerabilities as entry points into other parts of an organization's network or infrastructure. 

The government is trying to help by offering guidance on how to mitigate these risks and what steps should be taken if you suspect an open-source vulnerability may have compromised your system. Healthcare organizations should be aware of these issues when choosing software solutions and ensure they have proper security measures before implementing them into their systems. If this advice is followed, choosing open-source software solutions over proprietary alternatives can have significant security benefits.

Check out the article linked below for more details on the government's warning and advice for mitigating risk.