7.Locks HexConnections

Security researchers have discovered yet another sizable haul of malicious packages on the open source registries npm and PyPI. These packages, which could cause problems if developers downloaded them without realizing it, can be found here.

It comes with a number of different packages, all of which contain the same malicious package. go file is a Trojan horse programme that was developed to mine cryptocurrency on Linux computers. According to Sonatype, sixteen of these were able to be traced back to the same actor known as trendava, who has since been removed from the npm registry. 

The total number of packages that have been identified as malicious, suspicious, or proof-of-concept since 2019 has nearly reached 107,000 thanks to the discoveries made by the company’s AI tooling.

A new piece of Python malware with capabilities combining those of a remote access tool (RAT) and information stealer was also found by the security vendor.