Akamai Warns Of "Panchan" Linux Botnet That Leverages Golang Concur...


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Akamai Warns Of "Panchan" Linux Botnet That Leverages Golang Concurrency, Systemd

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Akamai Security Research is lifting the public embargo on "Panchan", a new peer-to-peer botnet they are warning customers about that has been breaching Linux servers since March.

Panchan is a Linux botnet that is written in the Go programming language and leverages Golang's concurrency for maximizing its effectiveness of spreading and executing malware modules. Panchan additionally relies on memory-mapped files to avoid detection via on-disk presence while also reportedly stopping its crypto-mining processes when detecting process monitoring. While this botnet performs crypto-mining, there is also a "god mode" baked into this malware as well.

Panchan is also made persistent by copying itself to /bin/systemd-worker and creating a systemd service to try to appear as a legitimate systemd service. Looking for "systemd-worker" is one of the ways to detect the possible presence of this Linux botnet on your system.


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