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Did you know that the ex-Amazon employee responsible for the Capital One breach earlier this year used the infiltrated cloud servers to mine cryptocurrency? Learn the details in this interesting The Next Web article:

The former Amazon Web Services employee thought to be behind thedata breach of Capital One bankearlier this year appears to have also used the infiltrated cloud servers to surreptitiously mine cryptocurrency.

According tocourt documents, Paige Thompson was indicted yesterday after hackingCapital One bank and 30 other entities, and has been charged with wire fraud, and computer fraud and abuse.

Thompson allegedly created a software program to scan for and identify cloud customers that had incorrectly configured their firewalls, and in doing so, had left their systems exposed to external attacks. It appears that Thompson was able to exploit the vulnerability and send remote commands to servers to take control of those systems.

The link for this article located at The Next Web is no longer available.