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The Rust botnet, first discovered in January 2019, is a new type of malware that targets the MIPS processor architecture. The malware works by injecting malicious code into other programs running on vulnerable systems, and it can spread itself across networks using peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

Researchers first discovered the botnet after it was used to launch attacks against routers connected to the Internet. The researchers found that the Rust botnet could spread through several protocols, including XMPP, HTTP, and IRC. It also includes code for attacking other devices that use the same architecture as those targeted by Mirai malware in 2016.


InfoSecurity Magazine explains what sets this variant apart, "Its adoption of a new evasion technique called TracerPid, which spawns a child process to detect dynamic analysis tools, sets this new variant apart. Additionally, P2Pinfect seeks to disable Linux core dumps, presumably as an anti-forensic measure to safeguard crucial information from exposure."

Check out the article linked below for more details on this dangerous new malware!