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Arch Linux-based penetration testing and ethical hacking distribution BlackArch Linux has a new ISO release that includes over 2800 tools for penetration testers and security researchers.

The BlackArch Linux developers have been very quiet for the past year, but today they finally released new ISOs and OVA images that include more than 2800 penetration testing and hacking tools, as well as a new version of their text-based installer, an enhanced Vim setup, and the latest Linux 6.2 kernel. 

You can study all the 2842 tools included in BlackArch Linux here. The devs did not yet provide details about what else is included in the new ISO images, but they’re more than welcome for those who want to deploy BlackArch Linux on new computers without having to download hundreds of updates from the repositories.

The BlackArch Linux 2023.04.01 release is available for download right now from the official website by clicking on the button below, where you’ll also find installation instructions or a how-to for turning an existing Arch Linux installation into a BlackArch Linux install.

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