Mozilla is moving forward on a number of initiatives to ensure that Internet security improves. Among the efforts is a new approach for determining and measuring security metrics.

The security metrics effort, announced earlier this year, is designed to figure out what matters in security and then measure and track those metrics. Snyder explained that the first step of the process, now wrapping up, is about determining what the company needs to look at in terms of security metrics. The next step is figuring how to get that information out of bugzilla and capture it on an ongoing basis. After that the challenge is to get information out and generating raw numbers. At the end the company will do analysis on that information to identify trends, correlate factors and draw conclusions. Mozilla is working on steps to improve the security of it's software by creating a security metrics. What do you think about this security metrics that they are developing? Will it help the security for Firefox?

The link for this article located at InternetNews is no longer available.