10.FingerPrint Locks

Ethical hacking is a proactive approach using the same techniques like the same programming languages as malicious hacking. Ethical hackers must stay current on IT security as well as the latest methods and programming languages used by attackers. Three of the best programming languages for Ethical Hacking are PHP, Python, and SQL.

Programming languages are sets of instructions that instruct a computer to perform specific tasks. However, there are over 300 programming languages and many categories overlap. The C programming language is the most ancient of a group of languages that are distinct but overlap. Ethical hackers must have a thorough understanding of programming languages in order to analyse and modify code. Programming languages can also be used to automate time-consuming tasks and detect errors in software. Finally, the top programming languages for ethical hacking are determined by the computer systems and platforms under consideration.

The programming languages used by cyber criminals are the best for ethical hacking. Here are ten hacking languages to learn, ranging from Bash to JavaScript and SQL.