"Wireless security can be implemented properly but there is a significant amount of integration required," he said. "This means increased costs and more time spent with deployment which contribute to the reluctance." From the business case stance for replacing wired networks with wireless, Munch said it's not recommended. . . .
Despite all the talk of networks going wireless in 2003, it will be some time before the enterprise enjoys the promise of ubiquitous IP (Internet protocol) connectivity, according to Meta Group Inc. senior research analyst Bjarne Munch.

Munch, who specializes in networking and wireless, said although there has been a significant amount of hesitation adopting the nascent technology, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

"With new lower-cost wireless technology coming onto the market, we will see a lot of positioning next year but there won't be a boom in 2004," Munch said. "The wireless space needs to viewed as a whole. Wireless LANs have mainly taken off in SMEs while the larger enterprises have been waiting to see how the security standards, which are still undergoing 'vendor battling', evolve."

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