The pickings are slim in the job market and the time line of interviewing and then hiring new people is slow. But there are positions available in the security field, according to three veteran security recruiters that we spoke with recently. If you're looking for a change in your career, or are simply looking to get back to work, there is simply no room for anything less than the best impression these days.
Hiring managers have plenty of candidates to choose from in the current economic climate. If you get a call that you've got a shot at a job interview, every move counts. How can you have an edge over other candidates angling for the same position? Our experts weigh in on important steps to excel when you get your chance to wow a possible new employer (See also: How to Prepare if you Score an Interview).

Before the meeting:

Do make sure your resume is perfect "I see a lot of resumes from people who are really bright, but their resume is very vanilla," said Tracy Lenzner, CEO of the LenznerGroup, an executive recruitment company in New York. "Other resumes have too much content and are too long to read."

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