The Wi-Fi network at last week's Black Hat conference in Las Vegas was pummeled by multiple types of attacks -- but the network held (at least that was my experience).

The stats are now out on the security status of the Wi-Fi network at Black Hat, which was run by wireless vendor Aruba Networks. I spoke with Aruba prior to the event and they were confident they had the gear to keep the network secure. So what was the damage?

  • 9 suspected rogue APs were detected.
  • 175 attempts by a wireless user to access the Aruba mobility controller were blocked by the Aruba firewall.
  • 23 impersonation attacks were detected.
  • 71 non-Blackhat APs were detected.
  • 154 denial-of-service (DoS) attacks were detected.

The link for this article located at Internet News is no longer available.