On the eve of the Black Hat security conference, crackers published a comprehensive text document in the underground magazine Zero for Owned (ZF0), containing masses of emails, chat records, passwords and other private information belonging to famous members of the security industry. Evidently they captured the data by breaching the web servers of Kevin Mitnick, Dan Kaminsky and Julien Tinners. They boast of having captured 75,000 clear-text passwords this way, most of them from the databases of the forum systems running on the affected servers.
The crackers explained their motivation on Dan Kaminsky's site, which has now been taken off-line. Kaminsky became known beyond the hacker scene last year for revealing an error in the DNS system. The crackers criticise the famous hackers for exaggerating security problems in the media in order to promote their own careers, accusing Kaminsky of only seeking bugs that the media will publicise and saying that Mitnick, who at one time was arrested for his hacks, is only living off the fame of yesteryear. Both are sneered at as lacking in specialist knowledge, as evidenced by these attacks. The authors of ZF0 also attack the close cooperation between the White Hat hackers and the industry, and condemn their responsible disclosure of the security vulnerabilities they find.

The link for this article located at H Security is no longer available.