Web search leader Google is paranoid about security, but only its own. Not the security of the data that it readily admits it controls.
Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, has been flapping him gums about the attacks that hit the firm last year, saying that since then the company has been 'paranoid' about security. Join the club.

Earlier this year some hacker attacks compromised the email accounts and personal details of Chinese journalists, while another incident exposed contact information to a wide range of parties. In the first case the Chinese government was said to have been involved, while the second was when Google released Buzz, its friendly social networking tool. However, in this instance, Schmidt is commenting on the former.

Schmidt was speaking to Techcrunch hack Jason Kincaid at the Atmosphere 2010 event, and his comments have been reported widely. Speaking about the hacker attacks that hit his firm, he said, "Google is now particularly paranoid about that."

Schmidt said that since the attacks hit his firm it has become obsessed with security.

We wouldn't like to comment on its original views on protecting its users' information, and we'd hesitate to say that it was 'lax'.

The link for this article located at The Inquirer is no longer available.