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The Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF), launched last week by the Linux Foundation, was created to implement the protection and interoperability standards required to drive metaverse adoption at scale, according to Royal O’Brien, a Linux Foundation GM and the executive director of OMF.

The metaverse is in a state of buzz and varying opinions on adoption timelines, with some saying this year will be a proving one for its momentum, and others claiming the components needed won’t be in sync until later this decade.

OMF’s goals are to gather as many ecosystem players to catalyze that timeline under eight foundational interest groups (FIGs): users, transactions, digital assets, simulations and virtual worlds, artificial intelligence (AI), networking, security and privacy, and legal and policy.

The foundation is currently developing its narrative overview publicly and collaboratively on Discord, which it plans to wrap up by next week and start distributing to its FIGs.