1.Penguin Landscape

In the face of economic headwinds and a worsening problem with code vulnerabilities, 2022 was still a successful year for open source and The Linux Foundation (LF).

Leadership and security in innovation chart the theme of the LF’s year in review for open source. Contributors to LF’s projects, and open source in general, comprise the largest distributed engineering workforce globally, according to Jim Zemlin, executive director of the LF.


The year in review boils down to one major factor: Did the LF’s global impact on open source through innovation and better security move the needle? The 140-page report stockpiles facts and examples about the performance of open-source technology worldwide, along with countless examples of the vast organization’s prominence.

The result was a breakout year for the foundation on both fronts. In the past year, the organization has entered a golden age of open-source innovation, with the foundation guiding new entrants and paving the way for collaboration on new fronts, according to Nithya Ruff, chair of LF’s board of directors and lead of the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) at Amazon.