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Red Hat has brought its Universal Base Image to Docker Hub as “Verified Publisher” images in an effort to help developers and operators build more secure and scalable containerized solutions.

Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, today announced the availability of Red Hat Universal Base Image on Docker Hub as “Verified Publisher” images. This brings the power, reliability and enhanced security of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform to the largest and most easily accessible registry for container images, making it easier for organizations to build cloud-native applications based on tested and trusted components of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI) are Open Container Initiative (OCI)-compliant, freely redistributable, container base operating system images that include complementary runtime languages and packages. Built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, UBI images provide a more solid foundation for cloud-native and modern applications built in containers, as the core components retain the more secure and reliable characteristics of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.