With the popular Linux distro's acquisition of StackRox, Red Hat is taking a major step forward in securing not only its own Kubernetes distribution, OpenShift, but other Kubernetes distros as well.


In terms of money, Red Hat buying StackRox probably isn't that big a deal. Sources say it was just above $100 million. Big money to you and me, but peanuts for big tech companies. But, when it comes to securing Kubernetes, this is an enormous deal not just for Red Hat and its in-house Kubernetes distro, OpenShift, but for all Kubernetes distros and services.

That's because StackRox's software does an exceptional job of providing visibility across Kubernetes clusters by deploying components for enforcement and data collection directly into the Kubernetes cluster infrastructure. StackRox also provides a policy engine that includes hundreds of built-in controls to enforce security best practices, industry standards, and configuration management.