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Red Hat President and Chief Executive Officer, Matt Hicks, shares insights and reflections from Red Hat Summit 2023.

Throughout history, there have been technological moments when you can feel a shift. Moments when you know a discovery or innovation is going to change the industry, and in some cases, the world as we know it. 

Going back centuries you might think of Johannes Gutenberg inventing the printing press in 1455, James Watt creating the steam engine in 1765 or Alexander Graham Bell designing the first telephone in 1876. In more modern times, the first computer sprang to life in 1937 and both the personal computer and the internet came to be in 1974. There are more of these instances, of course, but what stands out to me is the pace of change.

In the past it took years, if not decades, to see the next development. Nowadays, we’re seeing innovations happen faster and faster. And more often than not, if you are slow to adopt new technology, you will get left behind. We saw this happen with open source software, cloud computing and automation, and now we’re seeing it with artificial intelligence and machine learning.